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My artwork is broken down into 3 types:


Personalised Prints

Commissioned Art


You can purchase regular Prints just as they are from my Shop.

There are plenty of towns to choose from, and you can choose have them in several different sizes, framed or unframed. My frames come either in white or black and all come mounted as standard.

Personalised Prints

You have the option of being drawn into one of my existing towns.
Simply choose the ‘personalised’ option in my shop, make sure you send me your photo and I’ll draw you as a cartoon! These make for amazing gifts, that no one else in the world has.

Commissioned work

This option makes for the most unique gift. It’s an illustration of someone in their hometown, surrounded by their favourite things; best friends, their home, their family, favourite shops, and even landmarks. A truly original gift for someone if they’re moving house, celebrating a birthday or an anniversary. You can always check out my previous commissioned art for inspiration!

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